Locating & Supplying Products
When you need to find something in a hurry or you are just looking to innovate your line, we can help. Let us know what you need and we start to work for you.  You are always in charge and we work to make sure that we find exactly what you want. Once we find what you need we also inspect it to be sure it is the same quality before it is sent. We can make factory arrangements and also negotiate on your behalf.

Locating Suppliers
This process can be very time consuming and expensive. Through our network we can find existing sources or sources willing to produce for you if there is sufficient quantity. Let us know what you need and we can get to work for you. This valuable service is a hallmark of Nagrani and why so many of our clients come back to us over and over again.

When your order is not big enough to get efficiencies with freight costs, we can help. We can often work with up coming orders from other clients or coordinate with our network of shippers to find some space for you at more reasonable costs and more timely delivery. It is a major benefit of our service. But it does not stop there; we can also arrange more economical prices on larger orders. Just because you don’t have to consolidate does not mean that you do not negotiate. We can help there as well since we know who is more willing to cut good deals depending upon the time of year.

Price & Terms Negotiation
This is one of our major strengths and where our service normally pays for itself.  We help you get the best possible deal every time. We do not rest until we have the best possible deal on every order, every time.

Documentation, Packaging & Warehousing
This of course is the cornerstone of any service such as ours. We have years of experience and are well known in this industry.  Shipments handled by Nagrani are known by customs officials to be handled properly with accurate paperwork and all required fees and documentation done well and on time.  As a result our shipments are expected to flow easily through the system, which they do.  We can of course arrange packaging and warehousing as needed. We have several sources and their costs are always the most competitive. Like all we do, we make sure you get the best service, the best treatment, the best of everything, and always at the best prices.

Quality Control
Many companies stop when they get the order. Not us at Nagrani. We have permanent staff assigned to monitor progress for you on the status of your order and we even inspect the shipments to be sure the quality is as it was sold  to you in your sample BEFORE it is shipped. We want to take as many problems out of the process as possible.  Quality control is a way of life at Nagrani. You have the peace of mind knowing that we are doing all that is possible to make sure everything goes well for you.

Monitoring Regulatory Compliance
Often different rules and regulations change.  It is our job to remain current and we dedicate time and effort to doing just that. If there is something new happening or required, we not only adjust internally but we will notify you as well and let you know what we have done to prevent problems in the future.

"When you need to find something in a hurry or
you are just looking to innovate your line, we can help."

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